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The Raisenne Dough Riser takes the guesswork out of proofing by creating the ideal temperature to raise dough for a perfect proof in less time.

Meet Raisenne ®

The Baker’s New BFF

Focus on the artistry - we’ll take care of the science.

Baking can be tricky, especially when working with dough that needs to be leavened. Proofing dough – or letting the yeast or other leavening agent make it rise – is critical to the final taste and texture of baked goods. If the temperature, moisture and other variables aren’t just right, however, the end result can be less than satisfactory.

With the Raisenne Dough Riser, dough turns out perfectly every time. Simply place the microthin Raisenne Dough Riser under your bowl or pan, and its precisely calibrated heating circuits create the ideal environment for proofing any leavened dough.

Raisenne works with any dough that needs to be leavened, whether made from scratch or frozen, so no matter if you’re a newbie or an expert, you can do your best baking.


Warm up to Raisenne!


Eric Rusch, Breadtopia

Highly Recommend

"The Raisenne performs outstandingly when a steady, warm bread dough proofing temperature is desired. Elegant in its simplicity, effectiveness and space saving design – highly recommend for the home baker!"


Lucy H Testimonial Pic

Lucy H., Home Baker

Very Impressed

"I was very impressed. It raised my homemade bread faster than my bread proofing setting on my oven. Loved the design and it allowed me to bake more because of the time it saved. Awesome product! Would highly recommend the Raisenne."


The simplest high-tech baking device in the kitchen


speeds up proofing

Consistently reduces proofing time for leavened dough, with results in generally half the time.


frozen & fresh dough

Works with any type of dough that needs to rise as part of the process, with equally great results.


Perfect proof every time

Provides reliable proofing every time regardless of temperature, humidity and other variables.


simple to use and store

Say goodbye to bulky, complicated proofing boxes. Just plug in Raisenne, let it work, then wipe clean and store.


innovative technology

Creates and maintains the perfect temperature through patent-pending printed circuitry.


Safe to use

Created from food-safe PET plastic with printed circuitry that defaults to off rather than overheating.


You finally have time to make the perfect dough



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How does Raisenne work?

The patent pending Raisenne Dough Riser product uses a screen-printed heater circuit utilizing a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) ink. This ink is printed in a specific pattern to achieve the optimal temperature for raising bread dough.

How much faster should I expect my dough to rise?

In side-by-side tests, dough proofed faster with Raisenne than without. In some cases the proofing time was cut in half. We recommend checking your dough’s progress at half the regular proofing time and using visual cues to determine when proofing is complete. For example, a recipe might state that dough should double in size, so it is done proofing when it reaches that size, but not necessarily when a certain amount of time has passed.

Does Raisenne work on all dough?

Raisenne is designed to create and maintain an optimal temperature for most types of dough made with yeast to rise. Raisenne has been tested on many types of dough, from traditional bread dough, to pizza dough, sweet roll dough, and frozen dough. Refer to the recipe you’re using for special instructions on the proofing process.